Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was referred to Dr. Melissa by my brother and sister in law. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew this was the place for me! I had a spinal fusion 8 years ago. Unfortunately it wasn't successful and at 33 my once very active life had been altered forever, or so I thought. I have only been seeing Dr. Melissa for two weeks but the results I have seen are miraculous!! For the first time in 8 years I am able to workout 5 days a week, no longer have radiating down my left leg and have more energy than ever!!! She has taught me that healing comes from within and our body can heal itself with proper nutrition and Chiropractic care. My 2 and 4 year old children also love Dr. Melissa. They fight over who gets to go first. I love that I am teaching them at such a young age how to have the most optimal health possible!"

- Julie G. - 33 yrs old - Pinckney, MI

"I had seen many doctors and specialists over the years, but never found true relief. I also tried therapy using orthotics for my neck, back and feet. Dr. Osborn really connected with these on-going issues I've had for many years. Just after 2 months of care, not only do I feel better in general, but I don't have to wear my orthotics anymore! I have learned to listen to my body and know there are better ways to care for it other than medication. Dr. Osborn is really intent on helping me help myself. Thank You!"

- Beverly F. - 76 yrs old - Brighton, MI

"I first visited because I thought I had bad posture. Little did I know that my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and insomnia would be alleviated, too. Wow, what a difference in my lifestyle! I've learned so much about spinal health and have the results that back up that knowledge. My overall health has improved drastically!"

- Bobby W. - 18 yrs old, Pinckney, MI

"While having severe headaches, dizziness and occasional "black-outs" I tried to get relief from the "quick-fix" doctors. It did provide temporary relief, but the symptoms would always come back. I tried this method with 2 different doctors and had the same results. I really liked Lifetime Family Chiropractic because of the nice and open appearance of the office. Dr. Melissa has taught me so much about the body and how my body has the ability to heal itself if I remove the interference. Now after just 1 month of care I have better movement than I've experienced in a number of years and my dizziness and "black-outs" aren't happening anymore. I am telling everyone about Lifetime Family Chiropractic!"

- Jim W. - 52 yrs old - Howell, MI

"With having back, neck and abdominal pain for greater than 5 years I knew I had to get relief. While motrin helped with headaches, nothing seemed to help the other issues. I knew about chiropractic, so I scheduled an appointment. Since being regularly adjusted my symptoms are almost gone. Now, my husband and children get adjusted regularly, too. I never realized that chiropractic can help with so many different issues. Thank you!"

- Kristi K. - 30 yrs old - Howell, MI

"After seeing 3 other chiropractors, I was still experiencing pain in my upper back & jaw pain. After meeting with Dr. Melissa I was so excited to start my care so I would feel better. The office layout is great, I felt calm and at ease on the first visit. Today, I feel so much better. I rarely get headaches and my pain has stopped in my back and jaw. I'm so excited because now both of my kids get checked on a regular basis. I know my family and myself will only get better from here on out!"

- Jennifer M. - 39 yrs old - Howell, MI

"With shooting pains in the middle of my back for the past couple months; I knew I had to do something. I talked to the guys I work with about my issues and chiropractic. Dr. Melissa has taught me that chiropractic care is designed to keep my nervous system in optimal health. The severe back pain was relieved after the first visit. Also, my energy level has increased and my whole family is under care."

- Steve K. - 30 yrs old - Howell, MI

"Having no results with chiropractic care in the past and I didn't know what to expect. However, I was taking 4 aspirin per day just to get through the pain and discomfort. Since starting at Lifetime Family Chiropractic, I am pretty much pain free and can get around much better!"

- Verne - 76 yrs old - Hartland, MI

"Honestly, I had low expectations about chiropractic because of the pain in my hip, along with numbness and tingling in my arms for the last 2 years. However, on the first visit those expectations were greatly exceeded. Dr. Melissa truly wants to improve the health of her practice members. My quality of life after 2.5 weeks is already improved. I'm not feeling burdened with the thought of limited mobility for the rest of my life."

- Kathy V. - 57 yrs old - Howell, MI

"With an extremely painful shoulder for over 2 weeks, I visited 4 different doctors that prescribed me vicodin and naproxen. This didn't help with any of the symptoms. Even though I was skeptical, my girlfriend forced me to try chiropractic. Just after 6 weeks, I am pain free and able to ride my Harley Davidson again. Even though other doctors wanted surgery for my shoulder, Dr. Melissa explained the issue wasn't in my shoulder, but in my neck. Thank you Dr. Melissa for correcting the situation and helping me bypass surgery!"

- Tim K. - 53 yrs old - Brighton, MI


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